Real Stories

“The foodbank was a lifesaver.” Your support is helping us to change lives........

Our drivers are all volunteers and the people who meet our clients face to face and they would like to share some of the experiences and comments they have received on their visits……..

They arranged to meet a man the Foodbank van in the car park in Grangemouth. After he collected his food parcel he put it on the handlebars of his push/pull lawnmower and used this to carry his parcel home!

A Polish lady when she received her parcel took the driver into her home to show him her newly born kittens. She had no one else to share her happy news with!

Some messages we have received on the phones include:

“Could you call me back? I no longer need my parcel and perhaps it could go to someone more deserving.”

“Hello, I got the food parcel you left at the back door. Thanks very much. Good to see that there are people out there to help in times of darkness. Thanks to you all! All the best for the future!”

“Thanks Mr Foodbank man. Just got my food away, thanks again! I hope I didn’t hold you up.”

“Sorry I missed you at my door. Thankyou very much for the food parcel which was at the back door. Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas!”

“Hello, just wanted to say thanks very much. This is Mark here. Just received delivery at my home and wanted to apologise. I must have gone round one side of the building when you were going round the other. Just to say thankyou very much for the food! It was very much appreciated as it helps us an awful lot. All the best!”

The drivers feel that the above messages and all the funny bits that occur from time to time are what really makes doing their deliveries  all worth while. They feel truly blessed to be there for whoever needs them.




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