About our foodbank

Over the course of 2012 it became increasingly clear to a number of local church leaders that there was an increasing problem and incidence of food poverty within the communities they served.

It was agreed to consider ways in which the Christian Church could respond to this need in a practical way. It soon became clear that no individual congregation could meet the likely need and run a Foodbank on their own. Following a presentation from the Trussell Trust a proposal was formulated to form an ecumenical Foodbank supported by a number of local congregations.
Premises were also secured with the support of Falkirk Council, volunteer training undertaken and affiliation with the Trussell Trust finalised and the first food distribution was made in December 2012.Since then the demand has grown consistently and the range and number of referral agencies has grown considerably.
It has not only brought together a range of churches, but also other groups and individuals of faith or no faith who who are willing to work together to help in a very clear and practical way.

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