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Volunteers social activities

Our volunteers come to the Foodbank for a variety of reasons. Not only do they like to give a helping hand but it offers company and friendship and often a change of direction.
We have approximately 70 volunteers who come regularly.
From time to time we arrange social activities.

Volunteer Training lunch

The Foodbank held a training event for all the volunteers on January 25th 2017.

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At the event a collection was taken for the Yemen Refugee Crisis. It raised £232.


Coffee Morning

We held a coffee morning at the end of August for the Heart Foundation and Diabetic Scotland , both the local Tesco charities. We raised £140!!! Well done Everyone!




On 7th September the Foodbank held its annual Barbecue out the back of the premises at Tamfourhill. It was a lovely sunny day and it gave everyone a chance to meet up with the volunteers who go on a different day from themselvesl

Special thanks got to Janie and Eleanor our Chief cooks!

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